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USAID-WASHPaLS Grant Program: Habit Formation Approaches and Gender Equity & Social Inclusion Innovations for Hygiene Behavior Change

Deadline: 23 June 2017

Habit Formation Approaches and Gender Equity & Social Inclusion Innovations for Hygiene Behavior Change

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Partnerships and Learning for Sustainability (WASHPaLS) with the support of USAID is seeking Expressions of Interest (EoIs) for its Grant program “Habit Formation Approaches and Gender Equity & Social Inclusion Innovations for Hygiene Behavior Change” to support learning related to the application of habit formation and GESI principles to hygiene behavior change (HBC).

Applicants must specify which of the two areas their EOI addresses. EOIs may be for new stand-alone activities or for activities that build-on or complement on-going projects. For purposes of this REOI, HBC refers to those behaviors that link directly to diarrheal disease and mortality and morbidity of children under age five in the household, including:

  • Safe disposal of adult and child feces;
  • Hand washing with soap;
  • Safe drinking water management; and
  • Food hygiene

Funding Information

  • WASHPaLS anticipates awarding up to four (4) grants from this solicitation.
  • Awards are anticipated to range from $50,000 to $300,000. In accordance with Automated Directives System (ADS) 302.3.4.13, U.S.-based organizations are limited to $100,000.
  • It is anticipated that the duration of the grants will be 12 to 18 months, but may be longer depending on the technical scope of work.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The following types of entities are eligible for an award under this solicitation:
    • Non-U.S. NGOs – either non-profit or for profit organizations not affiliated with a foreign government that meet the definition in 2 CFR 200.47 (profit cannot be charged to a grant)
    • U.S. entities or non-profit organizations that meet the definitions in 2 CFR 200.69 and 200.70
    • Private foundations and universities
  • Each Applicant must be determined to be a responsible entity before receiving an award. WASHPaLS will review all potential grant recipients to determine their ability to manage USAID awards. Organizations that have not previously received USAID funding are encouraged to apply though they must have a strong capacity for and past experience of managing donor funds. Each applicant must:
    • Possess and apply a system of internal controls that safeguard assets and protect against fraud, waste, and conflicts of interest;
    • Possess sound managerial, technical and institutional capacities to achieve project results;
    • Possess financial accountability and maintain detailed records of all expenses;
    • Be in good standing with all civil and fiscal authorities;
    • Be willing to sign applicable assurances and certifications if the EOI is selected to proceed to the next round and the applicant is asked to submit a full application (listed in Section 2 above);
    • Be legally registered in the country in which it operates;
    • Be willing to register in the SAM and maintain registration for the life of the project;

How to Apply

Eligible Applicants should submit an EOI following the format provided in Attachment A. EOIs should not exceed (3) three pages (not including the cover page) and must contain the information requested in Attachment A. EOIs that do not follow the format provided or are late will not be evaluated. Applicants may submit multiple EOIs in response to this REOI under one or both focus areas, but no more than one EOI per organization will be recommended for preparation of a full application.

Questions and applications must be submitted electronically in English by the dates indicated on the cover page of the REOI. They should be directed to:


Ms. Amy Kirk WASHPaLS Grants Manager


 Please insert the following text into the subject line of the submission email: WASHPaLS EOI-001.

For more information, please visit WASHPaLS Grant program.


Additional information including the application format is available in this WASHPaLS EoI Document for download.

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