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CD-UNITED Call for Proposals: Democracy in Action- Expanding Civil Society Space

Deadline: 31 December 2016

The Community of Democracies invites organizations to apply for funding through its CD-UNITED program, which provides financial support to projects that support and strengthen democracy.

This year’s theme is Democracy in Action: Expanding Civil Society Space. Most organizations that are working on topics associated with the basic values and human rights enshrined in the Warsaw Declaration are eligible for funding. The strength  and  success  of  nations  depend  on  allowing  civil  society  to  function  without interference,  and  on  robust  engagement  between  governments  and  civil  society  to advance  shared  goals  of  peace,  prosperity,  and  the  well-being  of  all  people.  In  many parts of the world, however, civil society’s right to open and unconstrained operation is curtailed, with increasing number of governments taking steps to limit the space for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs).

With a total budget of $272,000, CD-UNITED will provide co-financing to applicants who propose ways to expand the space for civil society. Applicants are responsible for securing co-funding from other donors before they submit an application.

Eligibility Requirements

The  applications  may  be  submitted  by:

1)  non-governmental  organizations,

2)  non- profit  organizations,

3)  public  institutions,

4)  private  and  public  higher  education entities,

5)  for  profit  organizations,

6)  unregistered  organizations,  or

7)  public international organizations.

How to apply

In order to be considered, the application formbudget and indicator framework templates must be filled out. (Click on the links to access the documents)

Please note that applications must be completed in English. 

For more information visit CD-UNITED Call for Proposals website

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