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Call For Proposals: Protection Support Fund

Call for Proposals: Protection Support Fund

Deadline: 15 March 2017

Protection International (PI) is seeking proposals from non-profit organizations for its Protection Support Fund in order to reinforce the sustainability of local human rights organisations.

The call prioritises proposals for consolidating operational capacities of local human rights organisations which are important to the medium to long term prospects for Human Rights Defenders (HRDs), such as:

  • Supporting local initiatives, especially the ones in isolated areas or strengthening HRDs’ protection structures, such as networks, response mechanisms or focal points;
  • Allowing HRDs to manage risks inherent to their own work and/or work of other HRDs, and thus support continued human rights activism;
  • Building capacities of local organisations, by allowing them to obtain and/or conduct specific trainings in areas that would assist in protecting them, such as physical and digital security, legal defence, litigation, etc.;
  • Providing a lifeline to local organisations that are endangered by unexpected and/or grave security, financial, legal or administrative situations.

Grant Information

Any grant requested under this Call for Proposals must fall between the minimum amount of EUR 5000 and the maximum amount of EUR 20 000.

Eligibility Criteria

The call is only open to non-profit organisations and networks that:

  • are formally registered;
  • are working with the following priority groups:
  • HRD or communities who are particularly vulnerable due to gender, sexual orientation, the issue they work on (e.g. land rights; anti-corruption), or their
  • geographical location (e.g. remote or rural areas, conflict area);
  • HRD or communities with little means to access the required financial resources through other channels.

 Eligible Activities

  • Setting up and maintaining protection systems (including but not limited to office physical and digital security measures);
  • Preventive protective accompaniment by third party;
  • Organisational capacity building and systems
  • Running a protection network or collective protection mechanism;
  • Activities related with team supervision, psychosocial support, rest and respite or other well-being measures;
  • One-off financial support to ensure the organisation’s operational functioning or a bridge to cover a funding gap.

How to Apply

Interested applicants must download and fill the application form provided.


For more information, please visit Protection Support Fund.



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