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Call for Concept Notes-GCERF: Initiatives to Strengthen Community Resilience to Violent Extremism

Deadline: 14 July 2017



The Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund (GCERF) through The Kenya Country Support Mechanism (CSM) is pleased to announce a Call for Concept Notes from non-governmental organisations to become recipients of funding from GCERF’s Accelerated Funding Mechanism (AFM).

Under this Call, potential grantees will be required to secure co-financing for their initiative from national private sector sources.

The applicant will propose a project designed to address one or more of the following drivers of radicalization to violent extremism: historical marginalization and injustices; geopolitics; lack of economic opportunities; the distortion of religious narratives; and ignorance of interfaith traditions.

Projects to address the drivers of radicalization to violent extremism may include activities such as:

  • Increased access of vulnerable populations to: education; employment; leadership and life skills training; mentor-ship; and vocational training;
  • Activism against radicalization to violent extremism by vulnerable populations, notably women and youth; connecting them with mentors in civil society; and amplifying their voices through appropriate channels;
  • Promotion of pluralism, respect for diversity, and tolerance;
  • Collaborative responses, dialogue, and partnerships (e.g. government-civil society, inter communal, interfaith); and
  • Increased awareness in vulnerable communities of the threat of violent extremism, and connecting focus populations with relevant resources.

Funding Information

The goal of the AFM is to strengthen community resilience to violent extremism through micro, small, and medium-size grant awards (USD 10,000 – 100,000) to support projects of nongovernmental organisations, primarily national and local organisations, of up to 12 months’ duration.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Organizational Prerequisites:
    • Appropriate legal registration in the Republic of Kenya.
  • Capabilities
    • Established relationships and credibility with the communities, working experience with the population groups identified in the Call and in the geographical areas in the Call.
    • Experience and capacity in programme design and management, and project cycle management.
    • Experience and capacity in financial management and in the management of and accounting for international donor grant funding.
    • Experience and capacity in working with private sector actors.
    • Experience and capacity in community-level initiatives that address the local drivers of violent extremism and strengthen resilience against violent extremist agendas.
  • Strong preference will be given to applicants that can propose an existing national or local private sector partner as part of the application process.

The  main  focus  of  funding  in  Kenya  are  youth,  women,  teachers,  religious  and  community leaders, and vulnerable groups in the counties of Garissa, Lamu, Mombasa, Nairobi, and Wajir.

How to Apply

Interested applicants should submit the following two documents:

1)   A  Concept  Note  following  the  guidance  provided  in  the  document:  “GCERF  AFM  – Instructions for Concept Notes”; and

2)   Basic  organisational  information  about  the  applicant  in  the  format  provided  in  the following document: “GCERF AFM – Applicant’s Basic Information Form

 The  duly completed Concept  Note  and  Applicant’s  Basic  Information  Form  must be submitted electronically to by 16:00 pm Nairobi time, 14 July 2017.

For  further  information  on  GCERF  funding  and  how  to  express  your  interest,  please  visit:


01- GCERF Kenya AFM – Call for Concept Notes – Announcement

02- GCERF Kenya AFM – Instructions for Concept Notes

03- GCERF Kenya AFM – Applicant’s Basic Information Form

04- Appendix 1 GCERF Fact Sheet

05- Appendix 2 Preventing Violent Extremism_The Role of GCERF

Potential applicants are also encouraged by the Kenya CSM to register their interest, and to engage and explore further partnership opportunities, through the portal

For more information, please visit GCERF Call for Concept Notes.

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