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Arthur B. Schultz Foundation Grant: Inviting Women and People with Physical Disabilities in Developing Countries

Deadline: 5 October 2016

The Arthur B. Schultz Foundation is currently inviting applications for its Grant program with an aim to provide opportunities for women and people with physical disabilities in developing countries.

Focus Areas

Mobility Solutions

  • A world with equal access to mobility and related services for all.


  • Work with established in-country, technologically appropriate wheelchair manufacturers;

  • Take a preventive approach by addressing early childhood issues and interventions;

  • Employ a substantial percentage of disabled workers;

  • Evaluate their work and adapt to changing situations.

Women’s Empowerment – education, leadership & entrepreneurship

  • A world with opportunities for all women to receive an education, assume leadership roles and achieve economic independence.


  • Work in developing countries (see geographic regions below);

  • Emphasize leadership and mentoring in their projects;

  • Support women entrepreneurs;

  • Offer high-quality and innovative educational opportunities from high school through university level;

  • Are well-established in the communities in which they work and employ local staff;

  • Evaluate their work and adapt to changing situations;

  • Are located in rural areas and urban slums;

  • Are relatively small (less than 1.5M in Operating Funds).

Eligibility Criteria

  • Have an operating budget less than 1.5M.

  • Are located in the geographic regions listed below.

  • Share foundation’s Mobility Solutions and/or Women’s Empowerment vision.

How to Apply

Applicants can submit Letter of Inquiry (LOI) via given website.

Eligible Countries

  • East Africa: Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda.

  • Central America: Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua.

For more information, please visit Arthur B. Schultz Foundation Grant.

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