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Apply for 2016 GrowthAfrica Accelerator Programme in Kenya & Ethiopia!

Deadline: 31 August 2016

Do you want to be a successful entrepreneur with an impacting business? Do you have a team of co-founders with a balanced skill set and who are ambitious, talented, committed and willing to learn? Do you have a burning desire to make your business the next big thing and scale internationally? Do you want to make your business an impactful multi-million dollar success story? If yes then apply for GrowthAfrica Accelerator Programme.

The GrowthAfrica accelerator programme is demanding, but so is success! For six months applicant will be tearing up their business model and all its constituents, analyzing them to bits with the help of a team of skilled and experienced business executives, successful entrepreneurs, maven investors and the GrowthAfrica team, who themselves are experienced entrepreneurs, consultants, mentors and advisors to successful business across the region.

Through their initial 5-day boot camp and the subsequent six 3-day workshops GrowthAfrica will establish the foundation and equip applicants with tools to diagnose their business and devise strategies to optimize their business in all conceivable areas. After each workshop they will work in-company with the assistance of their mentors, facilitators, growth catalysts and sages to implement their new strategies and innovations – boosting their growth trajectory in significant ways.

The programme will focus on sharpening applicants leadership skills through a number of coaching sessions; and provide them with one of their skilled finance associates who will aid them in developing their financial model, gain a profound understanding and appreciation of the financial aspects of their business, and create a useful decision making tool.

What GrowthAfrica Offers Startups

  • Business and Planning Development

  • Peer and Industry network

  • Mentoring

  • Investor Access

  • Financial Modeling

  • Leadership Coaching

Eligibility Criteria

As long as the applicants are committed to leveraging their business to create positive impact in the communities they work in, either through their products or services, or through business model, GrowthAfrica is interested in working with them – particularly if:

  • Applicants already have an innovative product or service in the market and paying customers

  • Applicants have a team of co-founders with a balanced skill set and who are ambitious, talented, committed and willing to learn from their peers and the GrowthAfrica team

  • Applicants have a burning desire to make their business the next big thing and scale internationally and make their business an impactful multimillion dollar success story

  • Applicants business has products and services addressing environmental sustainability; work with IT, mobile and financial technologies; is an agribusiness, have a product or service relating to the construction sector, or deliver essential services (health, education, water & sanitation)

How to Apply

Interested applicants can apply via given website.

For more information, visit GrowthAfrica Accelerator Programme.

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